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As I begin this post, I'm reminded of the first time I met Kelly. Back then, she was a teacher & mom of one just trying to figure out this mom thing, just like me. We shared THE world's most amazing sitter (cough, cough - love you Sue!) and simply ran in to each other during pick up.

But, now fast forward a couple of years and TWO additional kiddos later...

she and her husband, Corey, are now out maned - parenting three kids under the age of four. Life these days are sticky, loud but blessed with more love then ever. So on a hot, sticky, June night we met up at the Allison Mansion in Indianapolis to chase, tickle and laugh these kiddos into some amazing family photos.

Leading up to the session, mom Kelly tells me "Girl - if we can JUST get ONE, I'll be happy!"

After all, any mom knows that the one thing you can count on of young kids is you'll have NO idea what mood they'll be in once they are clean, dressed, shoes-on and in front of a photographer. Right? We as moms often cross our fingers, hold our breath and when all else fails, we haul out the snacks as bribes, right? Be you a mom of one kiddo or ten kids, it's always the same. When things get crazy we CALL IN THE SNACKs! (And might even steal a few bites for ourselves, right?)

Since it had been a while since I'd seen the kiddos the girls started off a bit shy...

but soon I had won big sister Brooklyn over with a game and then little sister Kennedy couldn't resist. She was in! Yes! I thought to myself... now let's get their play on! And so we did. Four adults (I brought my Mr Hashtag with me to help) began to wrangle three kiddos through laughs, tears, snacks and everything in between.

And the rest? Well... the rest was simply pure magic. It's just something about large families! They steal my heart every time! Enjoy.

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