Snuggle In My Love, Fishers, Indiana, Wiedman Family Mommy & Me | Mother's Day Photo Session

Updated: May 15, 2020

As any Mom knows, Mom friends are the best. They don’t really care if your house is a mess. Bras are often optional if it’s after 8pm and general expectations are low. Ah-mazing, right?

All though as I type this, I also realize to non-moms this probably sounds boring and insane. But I digress…

So, back to mom friends: meet Nicci. Nicci is a local graphic designerwhose projects are continually featured on killer outlets like Etsy. Check out her shop here.

But in addition to graphic design, this multi talented Momma also dabbles in other avenues like photography, loving to shoot boudoir sessions above all else. Now say it with me... oohh lalala.

...But, back to THIS session. Nicci is a mom of three with her middle about the same age as mine. So playdates are kind of our thing. Paticularly on cold or rainy days when we opted to meet up at our favorite indoor play gym or decide to crash at each other's homes.

This particular afternoon, we opted to meet at her place and while the big kids played she and I decided