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Okay, you caught me... I 100% admit it. No shame.

Look, playing & maybe even slightly harassing teens might just be one of my favorite perks of shooting families with older kids.

Can you guess who we were razzing here? But I mean come on, leaving a note asking that you not be locked out, after you snuck out. I mean... how do I NOT raz on that?!

I will say, it's all in good fun though. The whole point of ANY family session is to get the family talking, laughing and relaxing to the point those interpersonal relationship really shine. Like when brother slams sis with a great zinger or when dad flips the script and knocks a joke out of the park. And sometimes when we're lucky... even mom and Sis can have a moment of calm together, during a season of tension.

Look, if I've learned anything being a parent, it's you've got to just embrace it...

Whatever "it" is during that season. And after all...what do teens thrive one? Friendship. Harassing each other. Pushing the limits. Having fun.

So shouldn't the session fit that theme too? I think so. So much so that at the end of the night, I even -- mostly for mine and mom's entertainment -- even had these kiddos recreate the classic '90s dog pile pose with each kid giving the camera a grin. And Sis, let me tell ya, for teens/tweens (who naturally act so serious around adults) it was a GREAT way to round out the night! Well played momma, well played!

Hey You... Let's Be Friends, K?!

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