Sunset Session at Coxhall in Carmel, Indiana | Sisters & Summer Time Vibes | The Wachowski Family

Updated: Feb 16

mom holding tween daughters at coxhall gardens in carmel indiana by hashtag memories photography

Remember when you were a kid and somehow you never noticed how hot it really was, or that the mosquitoes were out because you were too busy chasing lighting bugs in the yard?

I think summer is just one of those seasons that stirs emotions & fond memories for everyone.

School getting out, the feeling of relief as you dip into a cold pool. And for me - the longing for cheap chocolate ice cream, like my grandma used to by, right before slipping under cold bed sheets as an oscillating fan makes it rounds on hot sticky nights. So. many. memories.

And for me, that's one of the curiosities my mind sometimes drifts to while we're photographing our Hashtag Memories' families. We get to meet kiddos of all ages and I find myself wondering - what will these kiddos remember? What will their memory of the "perfect" summer night be? What experience will they use to craft their own kid's experiences some day?

Will these cuties remember how the light was dancing off of the willow trees the night we met up? Or perhaps that one time they spotted the biggest bull frog they'd ever seen chillin' out in the water while Mom and Dad snuggled up for a photographer in some park during their tween years?

...Or even how much little Miss Victoria here, flat out HATEs bugs? I wonder, will her kiddos tease her as they chase her around with a jar of flying antagonists, in hand?

Tween girl in pink dress laughing, with black glasses during family photo session