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Sylvan Cellars Barn Wedding | Rome City, IN | Fenker-Jeffery Fall Wedding

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Fort Wayne Bride and Groom pose for wedding portraits at sylvan cellars wedding venue. Bride wears a lace wedding ballgown with cathedral veil and groom in grey suit and tie standing in barn on event property for rainy fall wedding day.

When a Fort Wayne Nurse reunites with a long lost love some decades later, you know Hallmark should soon be calling...

And that's exactly the way it went down for Ashley & Ron. These two had met as kiddos at their family's favorite get away lake and even dated for a little bit. Then as life happened, they grew up and moved on, as so many of us do.

Ashley graduated high school and went on to become a nurse and Ron, always loving to work with his hands, became a semi mechanic turned granite installer. But as luck would have it, these two would meet up again, long after the lake days were over and sparks would fly.

But little did Ron know it wouldn't just be Ashley he'd be falling for all over again. It would also be her little girl Bailey who grew to capture his heart as well.

Fast forward some time later, these two finally got their happily ever after by tying-the-knot at Sylvan Cellars in Union City, a Barn-inspired wedding in front of family, friends and their (now) TWO daughters: Bailey & Savannah.

But even after a beautiful wedding day and celebrating all they've built so far together, this family of 4 has also decided to kick off their new life together with a bang. Ron has become a stay-at-home dad while Ashley embarked on the exciting world of travel nursing. Their plan: follow momma's job around the country, being modern nomads who are raising their children all across the USA while embarking on epic adventures along the way.

How exciting it all must be!

cream lace ballgown wedding dress with lace and sparkle overlays and button back hanging on brick and wood barn at sylvan cellars wedding venue in fort wayne indiana

And y'all let me tell you... you know how everyone has a "favorite" part of a wedding day?

Well, mine is usually the father-daughter dance at the reception. I think it's because I now have a little girl of my own and I think of her dancing with her daddy on her wedding day. But this time.... oh no, let me tell you. The daddy-daughter dance WAS sweet between Ashely and her father - but what brought this venture wedding photographer to tears was the daddy-daughter dance that Ron had with Bailey during the reception.

Not going to lie it legit had me crying (and trying NOT to sob) behind my camera, snapping shots. And the song they danced was My Boy (My Girl Version) by Elvie Shane.

Never heard it? Well it starts like this:

She ain't got my smile, that don't bother me a bit

She's got somebody else's eyes I'm seeing myself in

I'm holding on to every moment, God knows I've missed a few

The day we met I knew I had some catching up to do

She ain't my blood, ain't got my name

But if she did, I'd feel the same

I wasn't there for her first steps

But I ain't missed the ball game yet

And that ain't ever gonna change

I could never walk away

Yeah, she's my baby my whole world

She ain't my blood but she's my, she's my girl...

I had heard the song before in it's original version, but this one... oh gosh did it hit me. HARD.

And if you haven't heard it you really should check it out. It's gonna be one of those songs that I bet we hear at weddings for the next 20 years for those men that have become Daddies when they said "I Do" to the two loves of their lives.

Matter of fact, the boy or girl version. I DARE you not to tear up.

Groom's portrait at Sylvan Lake house on his wedding day. He wears a grey suit with white tie and details, sitting on green moss rock wall.
bride wearing lace and crystal wedding ballgown stands in sylvan cellars bridal suite for wedding portraits before her wedding day in fort wayne, holding loose white and pink wedding bouquet
Bride has a first look with her father on her wedding day. dad is wearing a black suit and bride is in a white lace and crystal ballgown from I Do Bridal Boutique of fort wayne.
bride and groom during sylvan cellars wedding ceremony under giant chandelier in barn ceremony
bride and groom kissing after ceremony at northern indiana wedding venue, sylvan cellars
bride and groom wedding portrait in barn at rustic ceremony venue, sylvan cellars. bride wearing lace and crystal wedding ballgown from father of the bride walks bride in lace ballgown from fort wayne bridal shop
rustic chic barn wedding at sylvan cellars in northern indiana. bride carrying white and pink bridal bouquet. groom in grey suit with white tie and details.
bride and groom kiss under wedding veil in romantic and whimsical wedding portrait. bride has baby breathe florals in her hair and groom wears black suit with white tie and details. Wedding at sylvan cellars in northern indiana wedding.
amazing sunset bridal portrait in apple orchard. bride wears a cathedral wedding veil as well as lace and crystal ballgown with groom in black and white tux on fort wayne wedding day.
rustic chic wedding at sylvan cellars wedding venue in fort wayne and northern indiana. Bride and groom share portraits in the apple orchard during sunset reception in autumn wedding. Sky is bold with a pink and purple sunset.
apple orchard wedding portraits at sylvan cellars. bride wears ballgown wedding dress from fort wayne bridal shop and groom in black suit. Portrait shot during sunset at rustic chic wedding venue.
bride and groom at their rustic chic farm wedding reception, standing infront of a white and red barn with silo and amazing yellow purple sunset. Wedding hosted by sylvan cellars wedding venue in fort wayne indiana

Ashley & Ron's Hired Wedding Vendors (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Fort Wayne Ceremony & Reception Venue: Sylvan Cellars

DJ & Entertainment: Frank Smith III



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