Two Backpacks & One Carry On Never Felt So Good: Hello FL Keys | Bonny & Clyde Make A Run For It!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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Right before Christmas the hubs came home from a work trip. He was tired. I was tired. Our kiddo was upstairs asleep in our bed and we were discussing the insane family schedule we'd committed to as well as other bits & bobs - like who was getting what for Christmas.

Our family has always been festive when it comes to December, but 2019 the pressure (put on no other person than myself) to make the season magical was weighing heavily, now that I was home more. I might have lost my sanity there for a hot minute...or let's be honest... a month.

I looked at the Hubs. "You know for the cost of buying each other a gift, for Christmas, we could instead by a ticket (thank you #AllegiantAir ) to get away to my Aunt's condo in the FL Keys." He laughed and brushed it off, "right" he said. "I wish."

A few more fully-packed, overly festibe & tired days went by. But something about that convo wasn't fading away. We had never left the kid for more then 2 nights and she was now a preschooler. And then...boom. Smack dab in the middle of the night I realized - not only did we need to come up with a Christmas idea for each other, BUT we also had a BIG (and I mean BIG) anniversary coming up in January that neither of us had really even thought about yet. Opps - although SO an us thing to do!

Two birds - one stone I thought. The next day I reached out to the Hub's boss. I knew he had a ton of vaca time that was about to roll or be lost and I wanted to get the time off approved (as a surprise Christmas gift to Mr LC) before booking the tickets. He replied back -- " Have fun!"

Then came the rapid fire texts & a babysitter fell into place. Yes! We were a go! And so... two weeks after Christmas, off we went. Two backpacks, one carry-on and two adults, ready for 8 days of fun!