Welcome Home Baby Griffin, Noblesville Lifestyle Newborn Session | It's A Boy!

noblesville newborn baby photographer, mom and dad snuggle baby boy

Ok 'yall... just take a look at baby Griffin here and tell me you don't feel your ovaries tug at your heart strings at least a little bit?

And true, I've never been the first one in the room asking to hold the new family member's baby, but from time to time even your girl here gets the drools over a sweet little one, like Griffin.

Caitlin and Jason, a Noblesville couple, were really starting to get the hang of things when I stopped by a few days after Griffin's arrival home. Both grandmas were there and on-site to help with the baby, the pup and of course both of the new parents who were getting their bearings on this new, sleepless lifestyle.

And although Momma had done all the work of labor, sweet Griffin here ended up arriving via C-section, making momma more tender to sit, lift and move. But honestly, that's one of the BEST things about lifestyle newborn baby photography. Since it's in YOUR home, you don't have to pack everyone up, lift a pumpkin seat in and out of car, walk up steps to a studio and so on, and so on it goes...

noblesville mom holds newborn baby boy from IU Health Maternity