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Fall Family Photos | Sharing Baby Cheeks For Days | Hinkle Fall Session in Cicero, Indiana

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

cicero family session baby girl swings in parents arms in fall outfit

Sweet little Eden here, is what you get when you mix some the sweetest chunky baby cheeks with a big, but a little shy, personality.

The Hinkle family and I have been working together since Eden was born, first meeting them as a newborn client and then watching her grow, meeting up every few months for "grow with me" milestone sessions.

And Sis, let me tell you -- man has she GROWN (just check her newborn session here). But this session in itself was a little more special then normal as momma wanted to mix it up a bit and make it a full blown fall family session, to catch up from us having to skip their maternity session - right when Covid broke out in the spring of 2020).

Through experience, Momma here and I have learned that Eden often starts off our sessions a bit shy and reserved but what we learned this time is that DADDY is the sure fire key to this little's smile.

Seriously, no matter how much snuggling, shushing and playing Momma and I have done in the past to help our sweet girl here come out of her shell (to which I'll add we always win her over by the end) -- daddy was to instantly turn on her giggles in our first few minutes together.

dad snuggles little girl during family photos in fall outfits shot by central indiana family photographer
small child smiles while hugged in mom's arms in fall field at  Strawtown Koteewi Park
Family photos at Strawtown Koteewi Park by tipon photographer of little girl in fall fields wearing buffalo plaid jumper dress
baby girl in cicero Indiana family photo session wearing buffalo plaid fall jumper
family plays in fall fields at strawtwon koteewi park during family photos in central indiana , cicero indiana

You know how they say Mommas are the ones who carry baby, grow baby, get the morning sickness and have to DELIVER baby -- just some they can come out looking like DAD?! YEAH.... this session was basically one of those. lol.

But really at the end of the day -- from momma, daddy or myself. We (as usually) worked together and won out to capture these sweet baby cheek smiles that they'll be able to hang on to for years to come. (Also, for the record, BRAVO Daddy.)


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