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Fall Wedding in Evansville | Kempf - Johns Wedding with Whimsical Lord of the Rings Touches

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

evansville bride in low back wedding dress with waterfall braid poses with husband in black suit during fall wedding at kokies wedding venue

It's funny sometimes how life works out. About a year before Natalie & Ric's wedding, I was contacted by another bride who booked their date. Fast forward to June and the couple changed their mind and decided to elope.

Then a few days later, I got a call from Natalie, while traveling out of town with my family.

So after a long day of driving (with a small child in the car! yikes! lol) , Natalie and I got to connect over Zoom while my hubs put the kiddo to bed. And it didn't take long to tell that we'd soon be fast friends.

Natalie was beaming with excitement over recently snagging her dream wedding date by chance at Kokies in Evansville, Indiana. And had a clear idea of what the day would look like; a romantic, outdoor fall wedding with nods towards the couple's favorite series: The Lord of the Rings.

She was also looking for a photographer that not only fit their style but would be willing to travel to Evansville, could provide planning support and would be willing to dive-in head to a tight timeline. So of course you know I was like "hey girl- hey!" lol.

After meeting up with Nat & Ric for their engagement session, the wedding day was soon upon us and I was packing up to head to southern Indiana for a weekend of shooting. Mom Momma, who I hadn't got to spend time with in a while, also decided to join me for the drive so I had some company as I hit the road!

After hitting the gas station for snacks and jamming out to (Mom's favorite) hits of the 80's, I dropped her off at our hotel and then headed out to meet Natalie and her crew.

Upon arriving, let me tell you these girls were ready to usher our girl down the aisle!

Not to mention her FABOULOUS stylist (Logan Eastham) who was on site, was wrapping Natalie's hair into one the most beautiful, romantic waterfall braids I've ever seen. No joke... like, EVER.

And woooohoooo can I tell you it fit this couple's vibe! Along with her amazing hair, Natalie had also added a extra special touch that I was SO excited to see...

She had worked with a local seamstress to turn her traditional cathedral veil into a bridal cape and had it attached to the shoulders of her gown for the ceremony.

The cape could then be removed for the reception and Sis let me tell ya, it had me swooning! So much so, I'm just gonna throw this out there... can we make this "a thing?! in 2022? I mean, h-e-l-l-o...

Logan Estham waterfall braid for evansville bride wanting romantic and whimsical wedding day hair styling
Whimsical, romantic bride gets ready for her wedding day in a white pludge neck a line wedding gown with diamond engagement ring in bridal suite
southern indiana bride in pluge a line wedding gown shows off cathedral length wedding veil turned cape for her ballroom at Kokies in Evansville, indiana
bride in a line wedding dress with wedding cape walks with new husband in black suite and grey vest on wedding day at kokies wedding venue in evansville indiana
hobbit and lord of the rings style wedding inspiration for outdoor fall wedding in evansville indiana at kokies wedding venue
flower girl in illusion lace and tule ballgown walks down the aisle at outdoor wedding ceremony in evansville indiana
bride in plunge neck, a line wedding gown with bridal cape is walked down the aisle by her nephew as tribute to her brother at her fall wedding in southern indiana
bride in romantic a line gown stands with her groom in black suit and grey vest under a wooden arch during their wedding ceremony at kokies wedding venue in southern indiana
bride and groom exchange wedding vows under arch, overlooking lake in central indiana as guests  and bridesmaids in green satin gowns look on
bride and groom exchange wedding vows over looking a lake with a wooden arch
bride and groom kiss under wedding veil turned wedding cape during romantic fall wedding in southern indiana
bride and groom newly married walk down the aisle together as husband and wife at kokies wedding venue
bride and groom kiss after wedding ceremony in the aisle way as guests congratulate them on their marriage. bride is holidng white and green bridal boquet while wearing an a line ballgown and groom is in a black suit with tie and grey vest.
groom enjoys wedding gift of hobbit mug as he kisses bride with the bridal party watching on his wedding day at kokies in evansville, indiana
bride and groom kiss in wedding portrait as bride carries white, blue and green wedding bouquet in romantic and stunning style with her tulle wedding cape blowing in the wind.

Then that night, as I was wrapping up I said my goodbye to this sweet couple. It had been so much fun to help everything fold out that day. I headed back to my hotel room slightly exhausted but also buzzing away on the high from the day.

Then upon getting back to my room, my Momma, who had been enjoying an R&R day to herself suggested we go out for drinks. Fun was had by all... but the real shiner was the breakfast that waited us the next morning as we headed out of town at Amy's on Franklin.

'Yall - I've never had chicken and waffles taste SO good (except for maybe at Rize -- not been there you need to check it out too! Ask for the Farmhouse Waffles). It was SO hot and fresh that I had to wait for the chicken to cool before biting into what can only be described as an ABSULUTELY HEAVELY CRUNCH.

It was truly the real deal Sis - so if you're in the area checking out wedding venues or just find yourself in Evansville traveling through - be sure to look them up! Trust me... I'd be a crime not to!

Natalie & Ric's Wedding Vendors | Evansville, Indiana

Wedding Venue: Kokies Echo Valley of Evansville, Indiana

Hair Stylist: Logan Estham

DJ: Bill Rushing


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