Noblesville Neighbors Make The Most of Staying Home | Indianapolis Photographer

Updated: Feb 16

It all started pretty innocently enough. A neighbor posted on our community Facebook page -- "Do we have any photographers living in the 'hood?"

And a client of mine tagged me.

That was Tuesday, last week...

Look. I couldn't help it! The old days of corporate life did have some perks - one of them being budgets to plan team building & cultural events for staff - in my past life.

He, he he... I thought to myself. What if we ramp this baby up a little?!

And so it began! A few hours after the idea had been brought up we took it from a passing idea to a full out CONTEST. After all our neighborhood does lots of community programming -- why couldn't this be one of them?

A few short texts later I had even recruited our neighborhood's social committee to back a 1st Place Prize and one of our other business owners to provide a PACK of toilet paper to the runner ups.

It was all in place now...

So on a cold, wet spring evening last week me & my little jeep went for a ride... down every street in our GIANT neighborhood to hit all the homes that had registered to play. I had a 2 hour window to shoot 25+ families and it was game on!

By night fall, it was done. I admittingly was a little cold, a little wet, and a lot tired. Did you know you can't program 28 location points into ONE google map? Go figure!

But I'm happy to say...