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Noblesville Neighbors Make The Most of Staying Home | Indianapolis Photographer

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

It all started pretty innocently enough. A neighbor posted on our community Facebook page -- "Do we have any photographers living in the 'hood?"

And a client of mine tagged me.

That was Tuesday, last week...

Look. I couldn't help it! The old days of corporate life did have some perks - one of them being budgets to plan team building & cultural events for staff - in my past life.

He, he he... I thought to myself. What if we ramp this baby up a little?!

And so it began! A few hours after the idea had been brought up we took it from a passing idea to a full out CONTEST. After all our neighborhood does lots of community programming -- why couldn't this be one of them?

A few short texts later I had even recruited our neighborhood's social committee to back a 1st Place Prize and one of our other business owners to provide a PACK of toilet paper to the runner ups.

It was all in place now...

So on a cold, wet spring evening last week me & my little jeep went for a ride... down every street in our GIANT neighborhood to hit all the homes that had registered to play. I had a 2 hour window to shoot 25+ families and it was game on!

By night fall, it was done. I admittingly was a little cold, a little wet, and a lot tired. Did you know you can't program 28 location points into ONE google map? Go figure!

But I'm happy to say...

we did it! And today was the crowing jewel of it all, when we got to announce our winners to the entire hood! Here they are... followed by some funny eye candy for you to enjoy while you're at it.


1st Place: Won a basket of goodies from local business owners, $100+ value. Sponsored by Mill Grove HOA & Social Committee

2nd Place: A giant pack of TOILET PAPER sponsored by our neighbor and Realtor Megan Wachowski from Scheetz Centry 21.


And now for some seriously funny eye candy...

Which one is your favorite?

Side Note To Worry Warts:

Also before anyone gets all up in a fluffle - I shot all of these from the side walk or street with WAY MORE then 6ft between me and the local families.

Also Hashtag Memories and the MG neighbhorhood are all aware of how much a SERIOUS health concern Covid-19 is. People of all ages and professions - including healthcare - participated.

Humans have used humor since the beginning of time to get through rough patches. That's what we did here. We united as a neighborhood to make the most of a very dark period in American history. If you're not on board with that - that's fine. We probably just aren't your kind of people. Go find something else to enjoy. Light & Love -c


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