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Mash Up of What We've Been Working on This Summer & Fall | Families, Engagements & Weddings, Oh My!

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

little girl in pink dress and bright blue eyes smiles at camera during indiana family photo shoot with hashtag memories photography

I'm simply too impatient to wait...

Families, Engagements & Weddings - Oh My!

I thought we'd mix it up a bit as I've been up to my eye balls in late night editing these days. One of my all time FAVORITE parts of my job is going out and actually shooting together. Chasing little kids around flower fields, watching mommas snuggle their sweet peas and daddies smuggle giggles out of unsuspecting kiddos. Not to mention all the wedding day coverage and planning that we are so blessed to be invited to partake in.

To put it simply - I LOVE SHOOTING IN THE FIELD. But like with any job, there are frustrations too. And for me, that frustration often comes during the editing process and KNOWING WHEN TO STOP tweaking an image.

That's why our delivery time for sessions is set up as it is as it gives me time to clear my mind between shooting, editing and the final detail tweaks/vibe that you've come to expect from Hashtag Memories.

A good rule of thumb for me is for every hour of wedding coverage there's approximately 30-45 minutes of the editing that's going to be needed if everything goes perfectly.

For instance at a family session I'm shooting between 200 & 400 images which are then culled down, edited in Lightroom and then fully finished off in Photoshop. From there images are loaded into our gallery platform and shared.

And that's in addition to other admin work of onboarding clients, chatting outfits, drafting contracts, etc. So you can see how the clock quickly adds up.

But being in the FIELD. Outside shooting with our families and couples. That's the life! And then their loving responses when their galleries arrive... that's the stuff dreams are made of.

So Sis, with all the office hours lately, I thought I'd take a quick break and share some of my favorite pics from some recent sessions.

No rhythm or reason - just some favorites. You ready?

Hey You... Let's Be Friends, K?!

Hey there - I'm Chelsea! A coffee worshipping Hoosier native, just trying to raise a kiddo and capture vivid memories in central IN for my families & brides. To see more of our work, make sure to FOLLOW us on Facebook and Instagram & sign up for our VIP club to get first dibs on open session date! Curious about me? Dive into my story of how I flushed my comfortable Fortune 500 Marketing Career to take on the life of a SMB owner at HashTag Memories Photography!

Or maybe the idea of photos stresses you out? Check out this blog post where I get REAL about how shooting a session of my own kiddo taught me how to help YOU mitigate Mommy Session Stress - or this one where we share basic planning tips & FAQs to help set you up for success on your next shoot.

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