Baby Eloise Makes Three For Noblesville Family, Lifestyle Newborn Photography | It's a Girl!

Now how did this cutie from March 2020 get lost in my Draft Blog box? Great question... But as long as I'm catching up on Covid projects I couldn't pass this cutie up... Check out her newborn session from our pre-covid world.

How about some baby toes to brighten up your day? Meet Eloise – and SURPRISE – she's NOT even the NEWEST baby in the Games family. at just a month old! A few days ago, I actually just shot her new, younger cousin Rowan, during another lifestyle newborn just down the road. But more on that later...

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Little Eloise is quite the miracle herself...

A scare during delivery left her family reeling, but we are happy to report Miss E is a happy, healthy little girl who has happily taken over “the baby” role in her family of five.

This kiddo is also truly blessed with two extremely sweet big sisters, who were oh so excited to meet her! The two typically share their room and was even kind enough to it with use during Baby E's session! Note all the airplane details that you'll see in the nursery. Daddy is a pilot for the US Air Force and I thought it was an extremely sweet touch!

What theme did you go with for your family's nursery? I shared some photos of our kiddo's hot air balloon nursery in this post a few years back.